Working Group solidarity statement on the Human Rights situation in the Cameroons


Freedom of association and assembly

The Noborder Köln working group denounce and demands the Government of Cameroon the full respect, protect and to fullfill :

  • The denied right to organize peaceful activities or demonstrations.
  • To stop the arbitrary and continued arrest of members of the Southern Cameroon Youth legaue (S.C.Y.L.), the Southern Cameroons National Council (S.C.N.C.) and afiliates.
  • To stop to disrupt or prevent their meetings for advocating equity between anglophone Cameroonian provinces from largely francophone Cameroon.
  • To give detainees access to lawyers when charged with endangering the security of the state. They were provisionally released but had not been brought to trial by the end of the year.


  • To investigate and allow the judiciary to prosecute members of the security forces who continue to enjoy impunity and who committed or ordered serious human rights violations, including unlawful killings, during demonstrations and riots.
  • To avoid that members of the security forces can still go arround persecuting possible witnesses to their atrocities in order to avoid trail one day.

Death penalty

  • To abolish the death penalty and extrajudicial killing as a deterent to political association.
  • The force of argument and not the argument of force will prevail.

    Working Group on the Human Rights situation in the Cameroons.

    No Border Camp 2012 Köln/Düsseldorf!

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