Info phone:

0157 – 87874624

Mail address

Contact the different working groups directly:

  • Media
    Requests from media agencies go here. Also does coordination of all media issues..
    Maria Sopala 01522 — 7610910 and Nora Bona 0174 — 5890330
  • Choreo
    Coordination of the camp program. Mail here if you want to do a workshop, talk, whatever..
  • Translation
    Coordination of translations. Additional translators are always welcome..
  • Technix
    Coordination of infrastructure like tents, showers..
  • Support
    Coordination of external groups supporting the camp like legal team, ambulance, kitchens..
  • Finances
    Coordination of financial issues..
  • Mobi
    Coordination of the mobilisation. Mail here if you want to organize an info event in your home town..
  • Communication
    Coordination of the internal communication during the camp and its preparation..
  • Officials Contact
    Coordination of the contact to instituions like the public order office..