Break Isolation!

Saturday, 23 JUNE 2012, 12.30 p.m., Hannover, Bahnhofstraße (in front of the central station)

Dear refugees, asylum seekers, friends and supporters,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

you are hereby cordially called to demonstrate and support us while breaking isolation and demonstrating for the change, improvement and the establishment of our basis refugee’s and human rights. According to the german law concerning social well-fare and asylum procedures for refugees and asylum seekers, we; the refugees and asylum seekers, are forced to live in bad and isolated conditions:

Every year we are waiting, without an idea when our asylum procedures will be ended and when we will start living without being afraid to be send back in our home countries, where we face war, political instability, life threats and others kind of practice which endanger our basis of fundamental rights.

Everyday we face discrimination related to the whole treatments we receive during the procedures for granting us the right of asylum or after when it is finished. It is why we are asking now the ”Refugee’s Rights right here, right now!”

Every time we are afraid; living under threats of deportation of ourselves or for one member of our family or our friends. Our life is restricted, with no right to move freely, with no right to have basis education opportunity, with no right to work or to have activity to generate revenues for our own, with no right to choose the place to live. Only the law and right to make us ill and depressive, the law to destroy our human-being and to make us crazy.

Every month, we are receiving “Gutscheine” instead of money, it is a shame for our human dignity, we are not allowed to buy what we want, everywhere we go; we can not pay things we need, it is not enough to end the whole month, but it is only discriminating practice we are victims of the system!

That is why we are asking you to join us to say: ”Refugee’s Rights right here, right now!”;

• Right to stay for all refugees and asylum seekers instead of deportation,

• Closing all asylum seeker’s camps and isolated accomodations,

• Money instead of the “Gutscheinsystem”

• Education, work and opportunities for apprenticeship for all,

• Abolish all discriminating laws and human rights for refugee’s too,

We would like to ask you to spread the information about the demonstration among your friends and those who might be interested to support us.

Your presence will be highly appreciated:

See you all in June.

Best regards

Niedersächsische Flüchtlinge und AsylbewerberInnen ;

Call in Persian

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