Please Bring your Info Material!

the noborder camp 2012 is getting closer,
it will start on friday!. At the moment many busy helping hands are
setting up the big circus tents etc..

There is one question to everybody who is coming to the camp, but aswell
to everybody who will not make it:
Please bring your info material, material concerning your
antiracist/racist critical work of your group!

Maybe you have some good flyers, small brochures, newspapers or fancied
stickers, even if is older material. Most of the things will unfortunately
still be on topic. As well maybe you find in your rooms sleeping in a
corner some exhibitions or summaries of your work. Just bring it to the

Networking also means exchange, to get to know the work of each other.
Therefor: It would be great, if you bring some info material. or if you
hand it to people who will go.
The idea is an info-table where all of the infomaterail ist collected and
everybody can see it.

perfect! thanks so much!
See you soon!
No Borders No Nations

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