The camp will take place in Cologne, Germany, on the Poller Wiesen close to the Südbrücke (southern train bridge). Go to the corner of the streets “Alfred-Schütte-Allee” and “Am Schnellert”. Tram nr 7 is serving the close-by stations “Poller Kirchweg” and “Raiffeisenstraße”.
View location on openstreetmap: http://osm.org/go/0GC_Z61g
Tram-Map: http://www.kvb-koeln.de/german/fahrplan/linienplan.html

Construction of the camp
The construction of the camping site will start on wednesday, 11th of July. Help is very welcome! You find more information on the start page.


Our Twitter account: twitter.com/nobordercamp


The content of the twitter account is also available for older mobile phones: ticker.nadir.org


There is a Group and an Event on Facebook.


There is a newsletter which is intended to keep you up to date on the state of camp preparations. Please subscribe and help to get the word out to as many others as possible: To receive the newsletter send a blank email with the subject line ‘Newsletter’ to noborder-cologne2012 [at] riseup.net

Legal Team

There will be a legal team on the Camp which takes care of legal
matters, e.g. is informed when someone has been arrested / taken into custody (researching the disposition of the people …), contact lawyers if neccessary (also specializes in immigration law) , advising on all legal issues (daily open hour) andcan be contacted via telephone around the clock.
The number for Cologne is: 0049 221 9327252 (only for the time during the camp, not beforehand)
For more information: www.ea-koeln.de (you can find information in english, frensh, greek etc. under “Verhaltenstipps”)

Medical Team

At the camp, and on actions / demos, there will be an opportunity to treat injuries, to free you from tear gas etc. or you’ll need a patch. The medics are clearly visible in a tent near the entrance and there will be always responsible person.
If you like to support the medical team on demos and actions of the Camp: Sign up! They need help! There will be a medical-assembly every night in the medical tent (around 8 pm)!

Kitchen Money

The kitchen cooks delicious food for us, organic and vegan on a donation basis. Approximate value is 7 € per day. Pays as much as you want and can!

Child Care

Unfortunately, until now there is no child care structure. But there will be tents, which are reserved for children! Easily recognized by the painting!
 We would be pleased if you bring toys, books etc. that are available to all children! It would be if you involve yourself into the structure and offer child care or a program!