Please Bring Materials for the Creativity Tent!

We would like to ask you, now that the camp is starting soon, to look now
and ask around for *building materials, materials to do handicrafts, paint
and, and, and… for actions*! at the no border camp (at home, among
friends and among other contacts). And please bring everything you can
In order to prepare actions there will be a “creativity tent” at the camp
where the materials will be available.
Below you can find some ideas what materials or things will be useful. But
if you still have other ideas or items: just bring them!
Or if you know sources in cologne and surroundings but are not able to
transport the materials yourself – just contact us. We will then try to
arrange the pick-up.
As there will also be screen printing and stencil workshops, best would be
you bring your own t-shirts or other clothes… to print on.

Important materials to use for actions could be, for example:
* (banner) fabrics, curtains, sheets, etc.
* cardboard & cardboard boxes
* wallpaper, paper
* pens/markers, paint, spray cans
* wood (strips/laths)
* at least simple tools such as folding rules, hammers, nails, screws,
(cordless) screwdrivers…
* suitcases and the like
* adhesive tape, adhesives, glues, wallpaper paste
* scissors, cutters, staplers
* ropes, wire, cables
* also stencils or motifs you have
* fancy dresses, face paint
* water guns/pistols
* (plastic/tin) cans or containers, etc. for drumming
* other crazy things

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