The tragic situation that we have now, just need a fight to change it

Mohammad Rahsepar’s suicide created a wave of resistance against asylum seeker’s situation in Germany. This resistance focus on the tremendous situation of the asylum seekers. Nevertheless the connection of a lot of asylum seeker’s problems and their inhuman situation to the ignorance of German asylum officials is more then visible, this suicide showed to many asylum seekers the future that could be as well their own future. People in resistance within the last 100 days got hope, hope for a better future, created by themselves.

The most important for us, asylum seeker from the camp in Aub is to fight for our human rights. Rights making no difference between the various religions, birth or colour of the skin. We are afghans, iranians or arabs. We are human being who created a voice for their dream.

Not only for me, not only for you, but for us

We, „the asylum seeker from Aubheim“ are asking for:

1) Abolition of deportation laws

We are of the opinion that in a free world everyone should be free to decide where he wants to live. Asylum seeker’s deportation is frequently connected to the economical and political situation of the country, where he/she should live. This is an absolutely inhuman treatment.

2) Abolition of the limited room to move for asylum seeker

We are forced to frequent people only in a certain and limited way, while we are living in a country which has no border to other European countries. This sistematical isolation of the asylum seeker is an unacceptable and inhuman treatment.

3) Abolition of laws forcing us to live in asylum camps

What does asylum camp significate? What does it significate except asylum seeker being forced to live in place surrounded by walls? Walls separating us from social life. We are asking for the abolition of asylum camps as well as stopping to create these situations for them.

4) The process of asking for asylum

Everyone of us is waiting since long time now for the answer concerning his asylum. Very rarely we got answer until today. This waiting period significates some kind of psychological torture to us. Therefore we are asking for an adequate and known period of time regarding the answer of asylum.

5) Food packages

It is not difficult to understand and imagine, that an adult should decide for himself what and when to eat. Receiving food packages violates the minimum human rights. We are urgently asking to leave it up to us, what we would like to eat.

6) Working allowance

Asylum seeker are good for nothing. Due to media reports upon asylum seekers, this reflects German opion. We have only one question: how can we proof, that this is wrong? We are asking for working allowance already during the asylum process. This would allow them to became indipendent from maintenance by the state.

7) German language

It is part of the systematical isolation of asylum seekers, that they have any possibility to learn the German language. We think, it is our right, to have the possibility to learn German.

8) Right to decide by own’s own it’s place residence

It is impossible in Germany to choose your place residence, even in case the residence of your family is in another part of Germany.

We are asking: Leave those decisions up to us, asylum seekers!

In order to realize our above mentioned rights we united in solidarity with asylum seekers from other German cities. Our first step was to refuse the foodpackages since 2 July. We refuse to stay in the camp and spent last night outside. Today (3 July) we will unite at the center and won’t stop until our rights are granted to us.

Furthermore we call on the solidarity of asylum seekers worldwide to fight for us for our common rights. We know, it will be a long way to realize our dreams, but we are ready to go for it.

(The first statement of the asylum seekers from Aub)

asylaub [at]

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